Paul Manandiz: Ukrainian prisoners

I demand that international community finally makes decisive steps to bring our captives – from russia – back home!  The heroes whom russia torture in front of the whole world. In violation of any promises and agreements, and international laws of war. Its time to finally stop russia’s blatant crimes! Time to bring our heroes home. To bow to them and to say : Please, forgive us! Paul Manandise,   Head of department of international

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Kelsie Kimberlin – Another Chance To Live Again (VIDEO)

My new song and video “Another Chance To Live Again” are about the profound feelings of loss that so many people in Ukraine have experienced since they were attacked by war criminals starting in 2014. I wanted to express and encapsulate the feelings not only of individual people but of an entire country and society so I used religious and spiritual references in the music and lyrics, and we filmed in several places of religious

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For russia to be re-admitted to the UN Human Rights Council is a nonsense!

Recently, Russia announced its desire to return to the UN Security Council on human rights. According to the BBC, in the corresponding document, russian federation promises to find “adequate solutions to human rights issues”… and this is the same russia that is declared a terrorist country and a country that finances terrorism around the world… This is suggested by a country which, in front of the eyes of the whole world, is committing genocide in

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Ukraine needs long-range missiles!

A new group of Republican Party senators, sent by the person and President Biden, will help Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles which they will deliver to Ukraine! In a word, it is a background meeting where decisions will be made by: the Ukrainian president. , Zelensky and the president of the 3United States. Senators Tom Cotton, Roger Wicker, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham said: “The Ukrainian flag is marked with blood by the Russian army,

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“Armageddon” music Video to focus attention on the war against Ukraine

Kelsie Kimberlin Brings The War In Ukraine To The Whole World With Her Dramatic Video “Armageddon.” “I knew I had to visit Ukraine so I could see for myself the horrors inflicted on Ukraine and hear the stories of those affected by the war in order to give voice to those stories.” Today, Kelsie Kimberlin released her dramatic new music video “Armageddon” about the war against Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, speaking at the Grammys, urged artists everywhere to use

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False elections during the occupation: Paul Manandise – Ukraine

I am writing this to let the world know how illegal voting took place in the territories occupied by the Russian Terrorist Federation. This occupation has lasted , for some of them for 9 years. Residents are threatened, victims of blackmail, putting their lives in danger. Illegal voting takes place under the noses of automatic machines, and the called of “election’s commissions” do not count the votes, because Putin has his own plan for all

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Kakhovka dam destruction: russians miscalculated the scale

If the Kremlin says something officially about the Kakhovka Dam, we must take it exactly the other way round. And when Peskov says that the presidential administration doesn’t know the situation in this matter, contact the Ministry of Defense or something else – it means they know the information very well. And after what happened, he (Peskov) immediately began “shooting” – here we can without any assumptions, immediately conclude that this is definitely a sabotage