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Paul Manandise: “I appeal to the French government!”

To every person on earth who still has even a shred of morality left. It is about the absolute immorality and inhumanity of the things, which only bring another shame to France! How is it that Europe, and therefore France, signs a document that recognizes russia as a country that promotes international terrorism and finances it, and by inexorable logic, russia is recognized as a terrorist country! Like the terrorist organizations Daesh, Al-Qaeda, ACMI and


Paul Manandiz: Ukrainian prisoners

I demand that international community finally makes decisive steps to bring our captives – from russia – back home!  The heroes whom russia torture in front of the whole world. In violation of any promises and agreements, and international laws of war. Its time to finally stop russia’s blatant crimes! Time to bring our heroes home. To bow to them and to say : Please, forgive us! Paul Manandise,   Head of department of international

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Axis of evil”: the Russian pole

The Russian dictator’s in visit in Beijing is another demonstration of the Kremlin’s desire to show the world that the Russian Federation is one of the big  players on the international stage. However they try , there is one “but”  – without the support of China, at least economic, as well as Iran and North Korea, Putin’s Russia will not be able to continue either the barbaric war to destroy Ukrainians or all the  terrorist

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Kelsie Kimberlin – Another Chance To Live Again (VIDEO)

My new song and video “Another Chance To Live Again” are about the profound feelings of loss that so many people in Ukraine have experienced since they were attacked by war criminals starting in 2014. I wanted to express and encapsulate the feelings not only of individual people but of an entire country and society so I used religious and spiritual references in the music and lyrics, and we filmed in several places of religious

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“Israel had to evaluate not the enemy’s intentions, but his capabilities,” famous Israeli journalist and war correspondent Sergei Auslander Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, finally planned and carried out an attack on Israel, which frankly should not have come as a surprise.This organization has never recognized the right of the state of Israel to exist…And aims to destroy it. The unpreparedness of the Israeli military and special services for such an act of aggression

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For russia to be re-admitted to the UN Human Rights Council is a nonsense!

Recently, Russia announced its desire to return to the UN Security Council on human rights. According to the BBC, in the corresponding document, russian federation promises to find “adequate solutions to human rights issues”… and this is the same russia that is declared a terrorist country and a country that finances terrorism around the world… This is suggested by a country which, in front of the eyes of the whole world, is committing genocide in

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President Joe Biden: “The United States will continue to stand with the brave people of Ukraine”

«The United States will continue to stand with the brave people of Ukraine. It’s not just an investment in Ukraine’s future. But in a future where the entire world respects the principles of independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. The United States’ commitment to Ukraine will not weaken. Putin may still wrongly believe that he can outlast Ukraine. Putin may doubt our staying power. He’s wrong. We will stand for liberty and freedom today, tomorrow, and

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“Today in Washington will be the negotiations on air defense for Ukraine,” – Zelenskyi

“Today, the negotiations in Washington are important. Air defense for Ukraine is among the top issues. More air defense for Ukraine . More sanctions for Russia . More support for Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines. Russian terror must lose,” the head of state said. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, reported on his Telegram channel that among the top topics of today’s negotiations in the capital of the United States, one of the most

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Ukraine needs long-range missiles!

A new group of Republican Party senators, sent by the person and President Biden, will help Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles which they will deliver to Ukraine! In a word, it is a background meeting where decisions will be made by: the Ukrainian president. , Zelensky and the president of the 3United States. Senators Tom Cotton, Roger Wicker, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham said: “The Ukrainian flag is marked with blood by the Russian army,

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TO PROHIBIT any russian “artist” from performing on any stage of the world is a matter of morality, ethics and etiquette! – Paul Мanandise

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the Berlin Opera’s decision to resume cooperation with the Russian singer Hanna Netrebko, who took part in the premiere performance on the stage of the Berlin Opera on Friday, September 15.   Russia lost its right to representation the day it tried to deceive the world! Since February 24, 2022, russia has been lying to every citizen of the world to cover up the murders