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Russicum. Do you know what it is?

Greetings everyone! I would like to talk to you about Pope Francis, about the Jesuits, about Russicum – and bring a few points to your attention. Yes, Pope Francis is a Jesuit. In the entire history of the Vatican, this is the first elected pope – Jesuit. The Jesuits are an order, like a community with intelligence. Political Department. A service for history, another for philosophy… To be a member of the Order and to

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What else should I say. When they called me from French television for an interview about the situation, Ukraine, on the fronts, and when I joined, the questions were never neutral and correct. If a BFM TV journalist, for example, wanted to know really and only the situation and give real information to the French, he would simply ask me: Paul, what is the situation in Kyiv? In Ukraine? At the forefront? But the question

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Good morning everybody! I want to warn you about something that I noticed a long time ago. I think that the idea of culture is the principle of evolution itself! It is something that this world cannot understand, even though it is right before our eyes! It is thanks to culture that we speak and can communicate! It is thanks to culture that we learn politeness, and therefore respect for others and for ourselves. Because

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Paul Manandizе: “you in Europe don’t understand this, but it’s a reality!”

Good evening to the international community ! We observe from a moment , me personally , form the beginning of the terrorist attacks , I mean 24.02.2022  , that a lot of soldier’s of the terrorist state , russia , move to the territory and terrorist state to  of Biélorussia ! I know that in Europe you don’t understand  that ! But is the reality ! Biélorussie help russia from the begining . And the