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“Israel had to evaluate not the enemy’s intentions, but his capabilities,” famous Israeli journalist and war correspondent Sergei Auslander

Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, finally planned and carried out an attack on Israel, which frankly should not have come as a surprise.
This organization has never recognized the right of the state of Israel to exist…
And aims to destroy it.

The unpreparedness of the Israeli military and special services for such an act of aggression in a war, when Israel has been fighting for its existence for decades… is surprising at the very least. “How did it happen? How is it possible? ” asks the BBC, trying to find an answer.

Over time, as always happens, all the “components” of this terrorist act will become clear, however, many people in the world, and even in Israel itself, strangely enough, do not see one of the most striking aspects of this tragedy, namely a series of strange “coincidences”…

The terrorist attack against Israel was prepared carefully and under conditions of the highest secrecy, which already indicates the involvement of specialists of a more serious level than the Iranian or Lebanese special services in this “special operation”.
the bloody morning didn’t start the way Hamas wanted it to. It is clear that a massive missile attack must be equipped with such a number of means of destruction. The rapid penetration of mobile combat groups into the territory of Israel, the active use of kamikaze drones against tanks and “Igla” MANPADS against helicopters – one can also feel the qualified military preparation of the plan and details of the “operation” itself, just like the real “performers”… Doesn’t it remind you of recent events?..
terrorists act in exactly the same way as the soldiers of the regular russian army did in the first days of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine – massacring civilians, torturing prisoners, taking hostages… Do you recognize the “ style”? Similar to how russia daily demonstrates its intention to destroy Ukrainians as a nation, the Hamas terrorists show complete disregard for the laws and customs of war, their actions are also aimed at the complete destruction of the Jewish nation.

And even the Palestinians were not trained by russian instructors or curators, then the actual impunity of the main terrorist state – russia -for the last eight and a half years of the war in Ukraine – is “teaching” new international terrorists – Hezbollah and the Taliban. – every day…

And finally: the attack was not only carefully planned in the military sense – it happened on the anniversary of the “apocalyptic war” of 1973 – an armed conflict between Israel, on the one hand, and Syria and Egypt, on the other, in which Israel was defeated. enemy army. And October 7 is the birthday of the russian dictator.

On the second day of the attack on Israel, the head of the “A-HAZON” political party, Zion Alon, stated bluntly: “Hamas militants would not have attacked without the consent of moscow.”

By the way, it is time for the world to assess not the intentions of terrorists, but their capabilities. And act accordingly.

The Israeli army and armed forces are proving today that terrorists cannot win on the battlefield of a country supported by the entire civilized world.

Tactics of organized chaos in the world – this was and is an invariable weapon of communist and post-communist russia, the organizer and provocateur of numerous outbreaks of war in different parts of the world, using all established connections with its satellites – Iran, Palestine, North Korea…

Now the role of the war hearth fell on Israel.

Who’s next?

Andrii Galat,

Acting head of the Information and Analytical Center of National Security of Ukraine


Paul Manandise,

Head of department of international influence and culture,

International analytical Сenter of the National Security of Ukraine