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What else should I say.

When they called me from French television for an interview about the situation, Ukraine, on the fronts, and when I joined, the questions were never neutral and correct.

If a BFM TV journalist, for example, wanted to know really and only the situation and give real information to the French, he would simply ask me: Paul, what is the situation in Kyiv? In Ukraine? At the forefront?

But the question was raised, for example, like this: Paul, there are a lot of Russians near Kiev, they have a lot of weapons, the streets of Kyiv are empty. What will you do; are you sure you will stay?

This is an outright provocation, pressure, an imposition of a position, a pro-Russian position, for which the so-called journalists are probably getting money from the Kremlin.

Of course, I used the opportunity, even considering the nature of the provocation, because the most important thing for Ukraine to hear the truth on French TV screens was known only in Ukraine, in the war, in the Russian aggression.

And this is just one of my examples, telling about the ways in which Russia influences the world through snakes…

Paul Manandiz,

Head of the Department of International Influence and Culture of the Information and Analytical Center for National Security of Ukraine

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