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Paul Manandise: “I have to ask Iran, are you fascists?”

I need to ask Iran! Are you fascists?
What has UKRAINE done to you?
This is really a question!

After all, it is necessary to explain why, people, join the war! Big russia no longer has missile reserves?
Iran has entered the war with us!
Today, Iranian drones, not even purchased, but « donated», killed ordinary Ukrainians in the capital of Ukraine!
Those who have lost their minds rule their countries!
And the state of mental health of put in has long had to be studied! He is « unstable», the world does not see it? And that dog, president of Iran!
No one, just nothing, supplies deadly weapons to Russia!
And Europe? NATO? Not enough time to fulfill your presidential obligations? No?
Am I sorry, are you waiting for the bomb straight to the European Parliament?
Are you even able to imagine- your buildings on fire?
Wlll you be waitjng for the analysts’ reports – what was that bomb? And a report on the dead?
And then you will unite? And will you make a decision? And then your decisions will be verified by experts? Read and reread? And then what – a bomb straight on Paris? And what will you do? Will you be figuring out where it fell on you from?
And no reaction to the first bomb at all? But in a week at the G 7 G 8 meeting they will talk about human rights..
Incompetence, helplessness, General Assembly jokers, helpless ministers, without brains
Decisions must be made together! You will analyze numbers and human rights when put-in and his Iranian servants say: but it’s not us! They laugh at you, they despise you! Where is your dignity? Pride? And after the second bomb you will do more research..
And the third bomb… and 4th and 5th, and then you’re done! That’s how propaganda works! Everything is done so you will be indifferent, inactive. It is already a disease. What is really called « irresponsibility and incompetence!
An answer is needed, and rough, very rough, to the actions of russia and Iran! That despise humanity, humanity, human rights, any rights!
Are you waiting for the big third world war and for the bombs to fall everywhere? To the full apocalypse? Without any chance to survive?
Does it entertain you? Billions of years it took to become who we are now!
And you, NATO, for me you are no less guilty than the russians.
To be silent is to be silent, and to do nothing means to accept! Then all today’s presidents must stand before the tribunal and be held accountable for their inaction in the face of destruction of humanity!

Paul Manandise,

head of the Department of International Influence and Culture of the Information and Analytical Center for National Security of Ukraine