Presentation of think-tank “Continental European Union club”. UCMC-19-02-16

“Presentation of the new international think-tank “Continental European Union club”

  • Olivier Védrine, European expert
  • Illya Ponomarev, deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation
  • Olga Kurnosova, Russian politician, director of Saint-Petersburg department, United Civil Front. Organizer of “Dissident March”
  • Fedir Klymenko, chief editor of “Russian monitor”
  • Volodymyr Poliovyi, director of Information & Analysis Center, National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
  • Oleksandr Khara, expert of the charity foundation “Maidan of Foreign Affairs”
  • Tetyana Puchkova, director of international programs, charity foundation “Maidan of Foreign Affairs”