Failed launch of Russian rocket in Baikonur was broadcasted via Russian TV as an accusation of Ukrainian missile attack in Donbas

 Tonight Russian army TV channel “Zvezda” accused Ukraine in shelling city Makiivka with short-range tactical ballistic missile “Tochka-U”.

Russian journalist stated, that Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the city in order to liberate it in front of Ukrainian Independence Day. In addition, Russians threatened Ukraine with international scandal. However, analysts of Information-Analytical Center of NSDC have found that video used, as a proof of accusations of “missle attack” in Makiivka was in fact a video-edit of Russian failed rocket launch at Baikonur, Kazakhstan on 2th of July, 2013.

Analytic center prepared video comparison of the launch in Baikonur and the “explosion in Makiivka”.