As instructed by the government of Ukraine, 71 trucks with almost 800 tonnes of humanitarian aid for residents of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts departed from three Ukrainian cities – Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

Humanitarian convoys that left from Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk have already arrived to Starobilska in Luhansk Oblast. The convoy from Kyiv is expected in the nearest future. This was reported by Andriy Lysenko, spokesperson for the National Security Council’s News & Analysis Center at the Center’s first everyday briefing.

Kharkiv convoy includes 26 trucks: aid for 18 trucks was gathered by Kharkiv Oblast, 2 – by Poltava Oblast, 1 – by Cherkassy Oblast and 5 – by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk convoy includes 21 trucks.

Humanitarian aid includes: food (vegetables, grains, sugar, flour, sunflower oil, canned food, honey, tea), water, medical supplies, hygiene products (diapers, soap, washing powder, napkins, baby wipes etc.), as well as other products and goods needed by residents of Eastern Ukraine.

Total weight of humanitarian aid that has already arrived is 390 tons.

At the moment rescuers and logisticians of the International Committee of Red Cross are sorting humanitarian aid by groups of goods. Perishable goods, in particular vegetables and fruits, will be sent to the places of destination first. Then trucks under an umbrella of the International Committee of Red Cross will head to Donbas cities and towns.

This night the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Ukraine published its statement on attempts of the Russian Federation to deliver humanitarian aid.

The statement explained the procedure for such aid, envisaged by the Ukrainian legislation and the international law.

It is emphasised that this is the Russian Federation which is responsible for possible provocations from terrorists during International Humanitarian Aid Mission for civilian population of Eastern Ukraine, initiated by President Petro Poroshenko.

Military actions in the conflict zone

Over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian servicemen took under control three more towns: Chernukhine of Luhanks Oblast and Bulavinske and Oleksandrivske of Donetsk Oblast.

ATO forces have been pressing and closing an encirclement of militants’ units in Luhansk. There are trench battles near Donetsk, Luhansk, Gorlovka, Ilovaysk, Pervomaysk and Krasniy Luch.

Over the last 24 hours, ATO forces engaged in fire with terrorist groups 25 times near the towns of Blagodatne, Nykyforivka, Avdiivka, Sabivka, Nyzhnia Vilkhova, Ilovaisk, Olenivka, Starobeshevo, Debaltseve, Fashchevka, Berezove, Tonenke, Kuteynikove and Ilyinka.

Shelling of Ukrainian units from the Russian territory continues. Yesterday as well as today at night the BCP “Uspenka” of the Donetsk Border Guard Detail was shelled from BM-21 Grad. This is the third attack on this BCP for the last several days. As a result its infrastructure has been completely destroyed.

Yesterday in the area of the town of Makarivka in Kherson Oblast, a border guard detail detected a Russian drone, which at the height of 4 km violated administrative border from the territory of temporary occupied Crimea.  Two more cases of drone reconnaissance were detected by cutters’ crews of the Coast Guard in the Azov and the Black Sea. One case was detected in the area of the town of Sedove in the direction of Mariupol, another case – in the area of border guard department “Skadovsk”.

Tonight Russian military heavy equipment column entered Ukraine from Donetsk of Rostov Oblast via the BCP “Izvarine”, which is temporary beyond control of Ukrainian border guards. Equipment number and types are clarified. But the fact itself was witnessed by representatives of foreign mass-media.

Population centers in the conflict zone

Militants continue to destroy on purpose Donbas infrastructure.  In Donetsk, from the square near the railway station they shelled city centre, setting it up as shelling by Ukrainian servicemen.

Diversionists mined the Grabovo reservoir in the area of the town of Sadovo-Khrustalnynske in the suburbs of Krasniy Luch.

According to intelligence, terrorists have been trying to form new gangs of prisoners from corrective labour colonies. It’s worth mentioning that prisoners refuse to leave territory of institutions of confinement.

International situation

The Ministry of Foreign Affair of Ukraine voiced vigorous protest to the Russian side in respect of President Putin and other Russian officials visiting on 13-14 August the temporary occupied territory of Ukraine – Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol – which was not agreed with Ukraine.

Such step, made despite warnings of Ukraine, is one more fact of Russian party’s disregard of Ukraine’s state sovereignty, of the UN Charter, resolution “Territorial integrity of Ukraine”, adopted by the UN GA, resolution of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and bilateral and multilateral liabilities.