Military action in the conflict zone


In Lysychansk recently liberated from terrorists search works for weapons and ammunitionare underway, inspecting and mines lifting of residential premises and infrastructure objects of the city are on. A heavily injured National Guardofficer was discovered in a local hospital. He was transported to Dnipropetrovskspecialized hospital. Work with the local population was started, plans to restore life-supporting infrastructure are compiled, estimations of required resources for this task are being made.


When stepping back terrorists continue locating their firing positions in residential areas of the cities putting local population under threat. According to the operational information 3 units of “Grad” multiple rocket launchers are located on the territory of the Donetsk military college. From time to time they move to the city and shell at Donetsk residential areas. In Kirovsky district of the city and in residential area “Solntsevo” militants concealed 3 T-72 tanks and 3 “Grad” multiple rocket launchers. In Horlivkabeing actual “gates” to the capital of Donbas, anti-aircraft mounts were installed on top of multistorey houses.


Today at noon terrorists cut power at the pump station of the Donetsk chemical factory located in Kuybushevsky district of the city that caused water supply cut at the factory.


Situation at the border


Today at 13:25 terrorists shelled with mortars at Ukrainian border crossing point “Marynivka” from the side of Dmytrivka. Afterwards militants made provocative shelling at the Russian territory.


Situation in the cities within the conflict zone


Today terrorists abducted Head of the internal policy directorate of the Donetsk Regional Administration and his female colleague. According to preliminary information they were taken to the seized Security Service building in Donetsk region and are kept there.


Additional information


David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom declared that the European Union has to impose sanctions on Russia. In particular he mentioned that the Russian Federation continues attempts to destabilize sovereign Ukraine, violates its territorial integrity and arms separatists. If Russia does not change its take on Ukraine it is obvious that the EU and the Western world have to change their take on Russia.



US mission to the OSCE informed that despite requests from a row of delegations Russia refused to widen the OSCE mission mandate to enable monitoring at the border with Ukraine and only agreed to a more limited option. Based on the OSCE’s Permanent Council’s approval the area of responsibility of the monitoring mission will be limited to two border crossing points, the mission will be able to surveil some hundreds of meters out of the total of two thousand kilometers of the Ukrainian-Russian border.


Japan may introduce additional sanctions on Russia in case it is proved that the MH17 Boeing-777 of Malaysian Airlines in Eastern Ukraine was downed by separatists with the Russian-produced weapons.



Translated by EMPR for IAC NSDC