The situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions is escalating. Militants have enhanced their attacks on checkpoints of ATO forces and military installations.  Several attempts to transfer terrorist activities to other regions of Ukraine, Kharkiv region in particular, were observed. This was reported at the daily briefing by Andriy Lysenko, the spokesman of Information-Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council.


Chiefs of terrorist groups and the Russian side continue their attempts to shift the responsibility for violation of the ceasefire onto Ukrainian military forces. In particular, provocative statements are being spread about alleged shelling of residential buildings by Ukrainian militants (sic) in a number of eastern cities and on Russian territory, including facilities of border and customs services.Nevertheless, it is ascertained that terrorists actively use an artillery cannon in Slovyansk and fire at residential blocks of the city. For example, two senior citizens died and a residential building was damaged during the artillery shelling performed by the terrorists at 15:00 in Slovyansk. Premises of State Automobile Inspection Department were shelled at 19:30. Overall, eight peaceful inhabitants died as  a result of the shelling.

Russia does not cease its large-scale support of terrorist gangs, including the supply of weapons and ammunition (using the captured Crimean armories of Ukrainian Armed Forces), equipment (under the guise of humanitarian aid), and new militants joining the terrorist forces. Besides, it is reported that militants receive heavy armored vehicles. In particular, there is information about a tank on a bandwagon in the streets of Luhansk. The information concerning the origin of this combat unit is being investigated.




Situation on the border


It was observed that terrorists systematically violate the ceasefire regimen in the ATO zone. For example, at 14:25 on 29 June, a truck of border department convoy tripped a land mine on the territory of Donetsk squad ‘Dmytrivka’. One border guard was injured.

Russian military air force performed demonstrative flights along the Ukrainian border. A ‘Mi-8’ helicopter was seen near ‘Marynivka’ checkpoint in Donetsk region.

On 29 June near Biriukove village in Luhansk region, which is situated four kilometers away from the state border, a division of Ukrainian paratroopers shot down a drone, which violated Ukrainian airspace from the direction of Russia. The drone was identified asZALA-421-08, codenamed ‘Strekoza’ (Dragonfly). It was painted gray and had no identification marks.

Warfare in the conflict zone

Terrorist gangs unilaterally violated the conditions of ceasefire again:

Today at 00:30 near Kremenna village, terrorists treacherously opened fire from grenade launchers and firearms at one of Ukrainian Armed Forces checkpoints from a tree belt area. Ukrainian forces opened dense fire in response and made the militants leave. There were no losses among Ukrainian defenders.

On 29 June at 19:00 military personnel of Donetsk base of the National Guard successfully broke though the terrorist siege and joined the main forces of the anti-terrorist operation. The warehouses with arms and ammunition were blown up in order to prevent the terrorists from seizing the weapons.

Today at 6:00 the militants performed mortar and artillery shelling of NSU checkpoint near the Karachun mountain in Donetsk region. No one of military personnel died or was injured.

The base of mechanized brigade in Mistky village in Svatovsk district of Luhansk region was also attacked in an effort to capture weapons and ammunition. The attack was successfully repelled. There were no losses among the personnel of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In Shyshkove village, which is located five kilometers away from Luhansk, the terrorists fired at armored vehicles of ATO forces using anti-tank missile systems. One of the missiles hit the tank, but its reactive armor functioned, and the vehicle remained undamaged.

In Kramatorsk the terrorists have shelled the airport and aviation command headquarters. There were no losses.

During the night and the day the militants fired at five ATO checkpoints near Slovyansk using firearms, mortars and grenade launchers. No one of our military personnel was injured.

Yesterday night near Makarove village of Stanychno-Luhansk district, terrorists attacked the position of the National Guard of Ukraine. The attack was repelled. There were no losses.



Situation in populated areas of the conflict zone


Locals increasingly resist the terrorists. For example, in Slovyansk peaceful inhabitants held a meeting demanding terrorists to move their positions outside the district and to stop shooting at ATO forces. The protest event was terminated by armed militants; some protesters were arrested and forcefully sent to work in construction of the defensive structures of the city.